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FileMaker Platform

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Are your business data all over the place, manual or electronic?

Are you experiencing one or more of these situations at work:

Manual processing

You gather and share information using a manual process so it’s slow, inefficient and prone to data entry errors.

Rigid technology

An off the shelf software package would require a significant adaptation of your processes with lengthy trainings and not quite meeting your objectives or current hardware.

Scattered information

Your information is stored in separate systems or multiple spreadsheets, or exists only on paper.

Video on common business challenges

The answer?

Have you ever considered creating your own solution — one that does exactly what you need — but thought it would be too difficult or time consuming? 

The FileMaker Platform is ideally suited for your unique needs. Quickly create and run solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web— no programming skills needed.

It’s easy and affordable to get started — so you can see the immediate results and instantly transform your business.

Let’s create your solution

Together we can help you create the custom business app that fits your organisation needs and meets your goals.

Option A:

We can build the entire solution for your organisation from the ground up by collecting your requirements and brainstorming with you on the overall project and design. A first prototype will be delivered to you in a matter of few days or weeks.

Option B:

Alternatively you can co-source us to pair with your team. We undertake an initial training to your staff that will help us co-develop the solution. We will use our experience to focus on the complex aspects and the architecture of your solution.

Our Services

  • Making the most of our strong relationship with FilleMaker Inc., we can process orders of FileMaker products for you.

  • We value clear and intuitive design that is not just aesthetically pleasing but it also grasps the interplay between the user and information on screen. Without a proper UI, people just resist using a software. Our design is user centric and tries to mimic user’s train of thought instead of dictating it.

  • We can consult you on purchasing a server (Windows or Mac) as well as set it up for you to host FileMaker server. With the launch of FileMaker Cloud we love its simplicity and speed. We can set up FileMaker Cloud for your business or even regular EC2 servers from Amazon Web Services, our primary cloud provider.

  • Leveraging our core practice areas, we often tie FileMaker and Web solutions together. Other common integrations include Email, calendaring, QuickBooks, Xero, Google Maps, and many more. Our global customers have always been a driving force: in such a competitive arena, no one can thrive on a single platform.

  • A dashboard provides at-a-glance views of important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to your business objectives. KPIs can be many things and cover all the areas in your business from production to HR. As both business consultants and solution developers, we can help you come up with the KPIs and also build the dashboards as well, all in one go.


  • We often provide a few hours of support in how to use your FileMaker system more effectively, before you decide how many more hours to spend in building something new. Support work can vary but may include help making fuller use of the FileMaker platform, minor adjustments to the structure, interface, or scripts.

    We are also offering ongoing support with a custom annual support contract that is crafted to meet your organisational and FileMaker needs. Such support usually includes minor upgrades to the solution, server maintenance and managing updates for FileMaker products. 

  • It is often the case that a customer has an existing FileMaker database that was internally developed but it comes a time that it is original design is outweighed by the growth in the business. Rethinking a system overhaul is always daunting task but procrastinating can be just as costly to the business. This is where we step in. We enter with a fresh independent mindset now to redesign and scale the system and built it for the future.

  • You know it’s time to move forward to the current version of FileMaker, but aren’t sure of all the steps to do this safely and efficiently. We’ll look for the gotchas, using our team’s knowledge across FileMaker versions, as well as third-party tools. We are supporting every version from 12 till the latest one. Not only we can do the migration for you but more importantly we can also help you utilise the new features.

  • For any new system one must consider what to do with the old data. Whether it’s Excel, CSV or other format we can help you decide on a strategy to migrate the old dataset and map it to the new FileMaker based system. If the data needs clean up, we can do that too!

  • We love Excel but it is only powerful for an individual. With FileMaker you have a powerful tool for teams. As you grow into a collaborative team, you’ll want your data management to mature into systems that handle robust business logic, data workflow, integration, document management, remote access and security. A modern user experience that supports mobility, notifications, reporting and data visualization via custom business apps is equally important and can be built on the FileMaker platform.

Our Expertise

We have been successfully developing FileMaker solutions delivered to clients locally and globally, from Australia to Canada, since 2012. When searching for a solution provider only certified developers will come alongside you to understand your process and needs. 

We aren’t like most FileMaker developers: we view our clients as partners, we seek to cultivate relationships with our old clients as well with new ones, we look for ways to make our clients’ software more intuitive, more powerful, more efficient. Moreover we are not just developers we are business consultants with a strong understanding on accounting, internal controls and business processes. We want to partner with you and help you grow your business.

When you work with us, you gain our business and technical expertise as well as our passion. We’re proud to be members of the FileMaker Business Alliance as well as certified by FileMaker for our technical knowledge and our dedication to creating exceptional software for our clients for every single version since working with FileMaker.

You want the best for your business. We have the knowledge, tools, and drive to make your plan a reality.

FileMaker Platform
FileMaker Platform
FileMaker Platform
FileMaker Platform
FileMaker Platform

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